Camping Montagu Park Smithton

Camping Smithton Tasmania

The Montagu Park camping area is located near the Robbins Island Passage, app. 29kms drive from the small far North West Tasmanian farming community of Smithton. Montagu Park is a great campground, it is spacious and offers basic but good facilities and excellent opportunities for fishing and for the children to play in the fairly large campgrounds. A caretaker appointed by the Circular Head Council is authorised to manage the Reserve during the period it is open. This allows the caretaker to have discretionary power to act on Council’s behalf to undertake the collection of fees and attend to the general management of the Montagu Park Camping ground. Fees are collected each day between 8:30am and 5.00 pm during the camping season at Montagu Recreational Reserve. Camping fees are to be paid to the Caretaker on-demand – alcohol is not to be consumed outside the immediate camp precinct. Anti-social behaviour and excessive noise is not tolerated, and offenders will be asked to leave the camping area immediately. Camping is not permitted within 10 metres of the caretaker’s shed, toilets or barbecue areas. The long term occupation of any site is restricted to one family being immediate family members, ie. two adults and up to 3 dependent children – any additional campers to the site will be required to pay the appropriate fees or requested to immediately leave the campground. The occupation of any site is restricted to being within the defined boundaries of 10m2. If additional space is required then an additional site fee will be charged per night. Pets must be kept under control and on a lead at all times, and droppings are to be collected and placed in bins. All garbage must be wrapped, including disposable nappies. No generators are to be used between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am. All sites are unpowered, and advance bookings can’t be made. PLEASE NOTE: Camping is not permitted annually during October to enable regular site maintenance to be carried out. See also: Camping Peggs Beach: Camping Black River: Camping Marrawah:

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