Stumpys Bay Number 2 Camping

Camping Mt William, Stumpys Bay 2 campground dedicated to tent camping, and camping in small vehicles only. No fires or generators allowed at Stumpys Bay campground number 2. There is a pit toilet at Stumpys number 2 and picnic tables, but no other facilities. The campground features dense trees, which is why larger vehicles are not permitted. The campground is immediately next to a beautiful beach. It will cost you $13 per night for 2 adults to camp at Stumpys Number 2. Camping for 7 nights at Stumpys Bay will cost you $50 for 2 people. You must have a valid Tasmanian National Parks Pass to camp at Stumpys Bay number 2, and any campgrounds at Stumpys Bay and in the Mt William National Park. Take extreme care if planning to swim or engage in water activities as a very strong rip is known to exist in this area – please carefully read and follow all signs.

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