Trial Harbour Camping Video

Trial Harbour camping video, a small settlement on the West Coast of Tasmania located in the northern part of Ocean Beach, Tasmania Australia. It is an exposed and particularly vulnerable anchorage which is susceptible to the prevailing local weather of the Roaring Forties. The campground at Trial Harbour on Tasmania’s wild West Coast is located app. 25 kilometres south of the road to Granville Harbour on the C249. Head west from Zeehans for a distance of almost 20 kilometres along a windy road; a travel distance of some 30-40 minutes. Please note: This road is not suited to large caravans, campervans, big rigs or motorhomes. When you reach the small settlement of Trial Harbour, follow the coast road to find small grassed campsites, noting there are limited areas for camping. When you reach the bottom of the hill, a sign points you towards the camping area to the right. There is a small variety of sites available ranging from open, protected, and if you are lucky one only well-protected site with open space and an ocean view. For visitors with a 4WD there is opportunity to camp further down the beach, or alongside Little Henty River. Follow the road through the township, and around to the left to locate these sites. Keep going and after a few kilometres will see a small pile of bricks to your right. Turn onto the beach here and keep following it south until you reach the river. If you then follow the bank around to the left you will find several good camping options. 

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