Prickly Wattle Camping Arthur River

Prickly Wattle Camping Arthur River

Prickly Wattle Campground Arthur River Tarkine West Coast Tasmania, very basic bush camping located 2 kilometres south of Arthur River on the C214 Road. Prickly Wattle has a large number of sheltered sites. Arthur River is a very popular holiday destination that is well-known for its excellent fishing including both salt and freshwater options. The Arthur River Cruise is a must-do attraction if you are camping at Arthur River, where if you are lucky you will see the White Breasted Sea Eagle. To camp at Prickly Wattle, you will need to be largely self-sufficient and carry your own fresh drinking water. Basic food provisions can be bought at the small local store in nearby Arthur River. There are very basic long drop toilets at Prickly Wattle campground. Campers are able to collect firewood on the ground, but under no circumstances is wood to be cut from live trees. Dogs are OK, but they must be kept under control at all times. All campsites at Arthur River are patrolled by the local Parks and Wildlife Ranger. There are other excellent camping options in Arthur River including Manuka, Nelson Bay, and Peppermint campground. See also: Manuka Campground: Nelson Bay camping: Peppermint campground:

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