Musselroe Bay Camping

Basic camping Musselroe Bay, alongside foreshore non-powered camping, basic facilities only (pit toilet, fire pots). The area is prone to very strong winds and heavy rain, so please take care if planning to camp in tents to make sure your tent is well secured. Musselroe Bay is a popular fishing location, but the strong winds and heavy swells can be problematic, making it imperative that you plan well and understand the topography of the area. There are no bookings to camp at Musselroe Bay – all camping is on a first-come, first-served basis. During the busy summer period in Tasmania, the campground does fill up, however it is quite large and it would be unusual not to be able to find a campsite at Musselroe Bay. There are some great walks and beautiful scenery in this part of Tasmania and in the Mt William National Park. Make sure you take time to visit the beautiful beaches and other attractions in Mt William including bushwalks, bird watching, and long walks on spectacular beaches

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