Pumphouse Bay Camping Video

Camping Pumphouse Bay, Arthurs Lake free camping Tasmania campground named after the pumping station that takes water from Arthurs Lake to the Great Lake to be used in the Poatina Power Station for power generation in Tasmania. The Pumphouse Bay campground has excellent amenities which are provided by Hydro Tasmania, as part of their commitment to support local communities. in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. The Bothwell Tourism Association operates this campsite, and bookings can be made by phoning the Bothwell Tourism Association on (03) 6259 4049, 0439 503 211 or 0439 202 436. Fees are payable as a self-registration system upon entering the campground. Camper trailers, tents, campervans, motorhomes and caravans are all welcome at this site and there is a decent amount of room to provide privacy. There is a boat ramp nearby; the Pump House Bay campsite Arthur’s Lake is located immediately next to Arthurs Lake which is an operational hydro-power and irrigation storage meaning that water levels can change often. There are septic toilets provided at Pumphouse Bay camping area which are generally clean. There is disabled access. There are hot showers, which can be used for a small fee. Fires are permitted in the fire pots provided unless there is a fire ban. This is an immaculately maintained campsite, that is highly recommended if you enjoy true bush camping or love fishing. Please note that the Pumphouse Bay camping area closes during winter due to cold conditions that make the facilities unusable. It is common to receive high snowfalls and heavy, and continual rain in this area during Winter. The campground closes from the first week in May and re-opens on the last Saturday in July each year. Arthurs Lake can be reached via the B51, from either Poatina in the North or the A5 (turn off Lake Highway) if travelling from Southern Tasmania.

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