Camping Penstock Lagoon

The camping area at Penstock Lagoon is true bush camping and a great Tasmanian wilderness experience, especially for fishermen where you can fish for elusive wild Tasmanian trout by fly fishing. Camping at Penstock Lagoon is free, and there are no facilities whatsoever meaning you will need to be fully self-sufficient. There is a gravel boat ramp located immediately next to this lakeside camping area. so campers must be fully self-sufficient. This location is best suited to tent-based camping; small campervans and camper-trailers or 4WD camping are OK however please note there are no amenities for campervans, motorhomes, or caravans. Penstock Lagoon is very a shallow body of water with an average depth of only 1 metre. For fishermen, there are a number of regulations and recommendations relating to boating on Penstock Lagoon designed to manage environmental impacts and that includes the preferred outboard type and maximum recommended boat size. Please note that Penstock Lagoon is a fly-fishing-only waterway, and one of only a handful of fishing destinations in Tasmania that restricts you to fly fishing. Penstock Lagoon is patrolled by Inland Fisheries staff who will check that you are licensed to fish. There are designated camping areas at Penstock Lagoon, with campers advised to bring portable toilets or walk at least 100 metres from the water and dig a 15cm hole and bury waste with toilet paper. The maximum stay for camping or caravans at Penstock Lagoon is 14 days. Penstock Lagoon is located off the Marlborough Hwy (B11), 7 km west of Miena (Great Lakes). From the highway, the Penstock Lagoon is a further 500 m to the grassed camping areas located along the shore. No fires are allowed, so campers must carry a gas or fuel stove. See also: Camping Arthurs Lake:

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